Cliff Zauner
For State Rep Dist. 38
I live where you live. Your concerns are mine as well.
By working together to improve our quality of life, we all win.

  I have worked to support myself and my family for practically as long as I can remember.

  My father owned a butcher shop in North Dakota and was forced to close because nobody had any money, and meat was a luxury few could afford.   The family moved on to what we hoped would be better living in Yakima, Washington.

  After we moved to Yakima, I worked in the hopfields with my brothers and sisters.     I was 9 years old.   Mom and Dad did as well as they could...but for any number of reasons, two years later we moved Aurora, Oregon to live on a farm.   Of course, we didn't own it, we just worked it together as best we could to survive.

  After graduating from North Marion High School in 1952, I got a job at the mill in Oregon City with Publisher's Paper (now Smurfit) rafting logs on the Willamette river.   Things were going well for a fellow 19 years of age until an event ocurred that would change my life forever.   To make a short story long, you can click here.   Since I could not continue in my current trade at the time, I enrolled in the Multnomah College of Electronics in Portland.   I graduated with degree in Electronics Engineering and Radio Broadcasting.   I have been actively involved in the media as the voice of the people (radio broadcaster) since 1958, and here and there even after I "retired".   At my present age, I am probably one of the last to have been adept at the pre-computer, pre-internet medium of communication better known as the radio.

  I am one of the fortunate souls to have been able to settle down and raise a family while pursuing the work that due to personal hardship I found that I loved.   The only time I could have been said to be involved in work not locally broadcast in the Pacific NorthWest was anything that I did that was syndicated or picked up on satellite broadcasts.   "Fishing The West" was a pretty good example of that, it was syndicated and viewed by millions world-wide.

  During the course of my career I have worn various hats including, but not exclusive to:   Disc Jockey (Dee Jay), Studio/Broadcast Engineer, Newsman, Sales (all roles), and Play By Play Broadcaster.   I owned radio stations for which I developed the formats, built up the clientele, and then passed on to others as successful businesses. You may have heard of them, KWBY (Woodburn) and KCKX (Stayton).   I was the play by play broadcaster for the Portland Buckaroos Hockey, Portland Mavericks baseball, Portland Winterhawks Hockey, Portland Beavers baseball.   I was the voice of "Fishing The West" for several years, and was selected as Sportscaster Of The Year by the JOC sports network in 1974, 1975, 1981, and 1982.

  The funny thing is that my post-retirement years seem to have me speaking less and doing more.

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