Cliff Zauner
For State Rep Dist. 38
I live where you live. Your concerns are mine as well.
By working together to improve our quality of life, we all win.

Photos of my activities in the community!
I helped build this stadium in 1990!

Me at North Marion High School
    "I came to Cliff in 1987 and asked him, as a graduate of NMHS, to help build a new football stadium on the track, and get it off my baseball field.   He and another North Marion supporter borrowed $50,000 and had it built that same year and organized the booster club and community and paid for it thru auctions."
    -Randy Brach, NMHS baseball coach

    "I'll be honest with you, If Cliff hadn't got the ball rolling and organized the community it would not have happened."
    -Hank Tautfest, NMHS Athletic Director
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