Cliff Zauner
For State Rep Dist. 38
I live where you live. Your concerns are mine as well.
By working together to improve our quality of life, we all win.

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    Working with the Woodburn School District, I serve on the strategic planning committee and Co-chaired the construction of the new footbal stadium in 1998!

    Working with my Alma Mater, North Marion High School, I am a member of the citizen's committee involved in $13 million building and upgrading of the high, middle, and grade schools, co-chaired the building of the new footbal stadium in 1990!

    I also volunteer building medical equipment for distribution in third world countries at A-Dec in Newberg. My 9-year-old grandson likes to come along and help out.

    "Cliff has really helped to keep our program rolling along.   His vision for a better community goes beyond every boundary.   We assemble these portable dental units for third world countries and I know that every time we put more units together, Cliff will be here and so will Levi, his grandson."
   -Tony Wilson, Newberg Rotary

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