Cliff Zauner
For State Rep Dist. 38
I have been in this community most of my life, and many of you know me already.
I would like for you to know me better.

    I was born in Regent, North Dakota on December 12th, 1933.   I am the 12th of the 14 children of Nicholas and Kathrine Zauner.   My parents were emigrants from Germany who were fortunate enough to be able to come to America during a period in history that was difficult for America and the World.   My family moved to Yakima, Washington when I was 9 years old.   I attended St. Paul's grade school, then Marquette High School for 3 years before we moved to a farm in Aurora, Oregon.   I finished my senior year at North Marion High School, graduating in 1952.

    I married my true love, Virginia, in 1959.   We have enjoyed over 40 wonderful years together.

    We have four incredible childern that we are so proud of.   I'd like to say a little about them because I believe that children tend to reflect the character of thier parents.   Well, that's really just an excuse.   I just like to brag every chance I get.   What parent doesn't?   Click here and see my brag sheet.

    The best way you can help me, is to advise me...guaranteed.     I would be one of the people, representing the people.     Vote for me and see what happens.     If I have anything to say about it, it will be government by the people, for the people.     After all, where did I come from?     I worked the fields, just like many of the citizens of district 38...the issues that affect you, affect me.

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